The reason why we protect FORMWELT so firmly is:


  • FORMWELT is all about thought-processing and communication.
  • It is all about your thought-processing and communication.

Many ask us: “Why do you act so secretive, why don't you just publish FORMWELT kernel. Information should be free for all and it would be so much easier for everybody.”

No. No to everything.

  • First: not all information should be free.
  • Second: your thoughts should be protected.
  • Third: your thoughts should not only be protected by us but even more: you should have the means to decide what happens with your ideas.

The moment we publish FORMWELT without FORMWELT Online the following will happen:

  1. People will not know what to do with it, because it is too complex to be handled without FORMWELT Online. So it will be trivialized and the kernel will be compromised.
  2. Some of those finally realizing the potential of this work will try to misuse it. Even if we only publish parts of FORMWELT, there will be misuse, because there is a lot of money in it. They will try to construct something like FORMWELT Online, but it will be utilized for the intentions of those copycats, furthermore it will be not as good, functional, systemic and adequate for complexity management as the original and all we have worked for will go down under blow smoke.
  3. FORMWELT will be weaponized, because it is possible. And it will be weaponized in many ways. Information is power. Our intention to give this power back to you will not survive.

The moment we publish FORMWELT on FORMWELT Online without protecting you and the integrity of FORMWELT kernel these will be the consequences:

  1. Search engines will misuse your thoughts.
  2. Artificial Intelligence will profit from your work and your very own ideas. And this AI does not belong to you.
  3. Advertisement will be constructed around the data you deliver and the exploitation of the people will continue.

This is what we strive to achieve in order to protect you and us and our future cooperation:

  1. FORMWELT Online will become an online platform. The active user can access this platform and will be able to decide whether, and when yes in which way, he feeds his work and ideas into the community.
  2. The kernel will be accessible for everybody signing our “FORMWELT Aboriginal Copyright Agreement”, the ACA.
    In our eyes thoughts are as holy and potent as are songlines to the Aboriginal People of Australia.
    You can not leave your semiosphere. Whatever you say, whatever you think says something about you and you alone. FORMWELT helps you realizing the sacredness of your thoughts. Your thoughts can be used as weapons or for healing purposes, for growth or for downfall. They can hurt and they can nourish. FORMWELT works like a magnifier of your ideas and your meaning(s). With them you create world anew, with them you create yourself anew. And only you should be entitled to decide what is done with your thought-constructions.
  3. The ACA ensures the following:
    You have your private FORMWELT concepts on your computer.
    You decide when and what you will make accessible to friends, family, peers, colleagues or the public.
    Even AI working with FORMWELT on FORMWELT Online will sign this ACA. The same rules apply to everybody.

FORMWELT Online will only process in the communal service that user data which he wants to become communal. We want to initiate a counter-trend to what is happening on the internet today. In the early years of the internet and the world-wide-web the multitude of its users held this perspective dear: that we can free ourselves from mostly marked-based structures and create ideas, models, concepts together without being instrumentalized by corporations and politicians. But we forfeit this chance and now internet users are exploited and exploit each other. For seemingly cost-free services for you, trade is done with your data, your ideas and concepts, and even with your behavior and natural reactions. We will try to create a chance for you to earn money with your work if you are interested in this, but we do not intend to exploit you and your work.

Right now search engines, bots, advertising are the dark triade keen on instrumentalizing you for corporate purposes. Whereever you go in the internet, you are traced. Whatever you search for, the answers you get on Google are constructed in a way that does not benefit you at first but those earning money with you and your data. Whatever you post on Facebook is used as information for advertisement purposes and others. And advertisement is poison to the mind and to the body. Advertisement needs dumb people and rigid structures. Advertisement has a massive need of energy and eats up non-renewable resources. Commercial advertisement has no place in a thriving world filled with creative people. The same goes with politicians and gouvernments trying to misuse your data to manipulate you into agreeing to their will. Democracy is about the will of the people.

FORMWELT is intended to help and support the people. It is intended to help them to open their eyes for competence. The moment this happens Dunning-Kruger effect can perish and we can not be manipulated so easily any longer.

An increase in ideological thinking is a matter which comes with a specific sort of education: linear thinking, rigid thinking, thinking in ontologies. FORMWELT can help you with systemic thinking, to think in complex re-entry-FORMs. It can support you to become aware of your thought-constructions, your sign-processing.

This is not something we should take lightly. And it is not something comfy and nice at first.We did not construct FORMWELT to serve the trivial and the convenient. Look around you: the world is changing. Reality-emulation changes everything. Globalization means the possibility for everybody to talk to everybody. Such complexity should be taken seriously. It needs serious, creative and versatile people.

FORMWELT can be of help with awareness, intelligence, communication, education, AI, science and more. A project like this needs its caretakers to be aware of the fact that they are about to participate in a project that has the potential to change the world as we know it. This is why we protect it fiercly if necessary and this is why we are looking for the right partners. We will not build this with narcissists and corporations only interested in money. FORMWELT is created for the people. It is created for you and we will not play with your most intimate thoughts, with your integrity, with your life.

That's why!