On Autopoietic Systems

Autopoietic cognitive systems (like the human psyche/mind) can not escape their semiosphere. The tautological circle of sign-processing can not be bypassed. Whatever we deem crossing the self-constituted/-constituent border of the human mind can only be processed by the human mind as self-constituted and self-constituent sign.

Whatever such an autopoietic system knows about Umwelt (environment) is a sign-construct inside the tautological circle of signs: signs refer to other signs, nothing else. Feelings, verbal thoughts, emotions …: everything the human mind does, it does it in form of signs. Hurt, pain, hot, cold, hard, soft, happiness are also processed by the mind as signs as they can be felt in all their direct intensity (as sign). Whatever the human mind is referring to is conceptualized as sign in the human mind.

Autopoietic systems can not be manipulated only orientated (with an understanding of manipulation where something can be done to an autopietic system by bypassing the self-reference and self-organization of the autopoietic system). Autopoietic systems can be destroyed, not manipulated.

Their self-reference and self-organization are reasons why some humans respond well to treatments where others don't. Both, mind and biological system are autopoietic systems in interaction. But the elements of the biological system are not the elements of the mind. Whatever the psyche/mind “knows” about the body is a result of an autopoietic decision-making process, a sign-process. However the body reacts with and is triggered by its nerve system upon impulses of its Umwelten (environments) is also result of an autopoietic decision-making process, but the self-constituted/-constituent element of the biological body('s nerve system) is not sign but states of arousal of the brain (and the whole nerve system). There are no thoughts in the brain as there are no elements of the biological system or elements of the physical world in the mind. What we know about the processes of the biological system or about the physical world is constructed in FORM(s) of signs.

And there is a third important co-evolving autopoietic system, the social system with its self-constituted/-constituent element communication, a threefold selection of deeming (I do not use the term “informing” with reason here), telling and understanding. Psychological and biological information can be processed in social systems as a topic or a theme but social systems do not think nor do they process states of arousal of the nerve system.
Information can be understood as event that selects system states. Information and message or “news” are not the same. Information is something different/else in every autopoietic system. Each and every information in the human mind is constructed in FORM(s) of signs, in nerve systems as states of arousal and in social systems as communication. When there happens change in the biological system then there has been information. When there happens change in the human mind then there has been information and when there happens change in society …