How to approach FORMWELT

Thinking about a FAQ for FORMWELT the first thing which comes to my mind is somehow to talk about its complexity.

Many people believe that there has to be an elevator pitch, something quite simple to help with understanding what it is all about.
Well, we already did that on the FORMWELT website.
It does not gets easier than there or simpler than there.

FORMWELT is a complex but simple solution to complex problems, like set theory is a simple solution to problems it helps solving. Do you really believe something constructed to help with global and complex problems could be presented in 10 minutes?

Think about it: we try to solve complex problems with linear trivial solutions for thousands of years now and many people believe that they just have to learn some more words and that would be enough to deal with todays, even tomorrows complexity. For many problems this actually was enough, but when it comes to globalization and reality-emulation, when it comes to cognition and communication, we are dealing with a quite different kind of animal: we are dealing with a new quality of problems.
We have to grow, and we will evolve or mankind will perish.

So the tools and sciences developed to help us with this will be complex. And they will be emergent, so we have to change while we are approaching them.

To say it with Einstein: the problems we are dealing with today can not be solved with the thinking that has caused them. This goes even more with problems caused by yesterdays thinking and tomorrows complexity.

Many assume the answer to their happiness is motivation. Right: people do not learn to swim or to ride the bike if they aren't motivated. It is the same with FORMWELT. Some will learn it because they understand the necessity to change. But happiness also comes from hard work and from changing the way we think and if we start to believe that we have to be motivated by others and treat the evolution of the self and of communication like some product we need advertisement for in order to find it fascinating we have a problem! Evolution does not work gift-wrapped ... It does not come with an ad agency finding out what the best way might be to make us fall in love with climate change and mass migraton ...

Here's the paradox: you already have to think about your future self working with FORMWELT on FORMWELT Online in order to comprehend its power for your cognition and communication. You can imagine how much you might need it but you can not judge it, because you need the experience to work with it in order to comprehend its scope and effects on your mind, your emotions and your communication.
This is why we have created examples for application, papers for scientists, a FORMWELT perspective example and many, many other documents and frames for those interested to comprehend its scope to dig in.

Does this mean that FORMWELT will be so hard to learn that only the brightest on our planet can work with it?
There will be games, videos, and learning the references alone will help with some new perspectives on life. Every reference is a concept helping you with changing your way of thinking and communicating. They can support you through emergent approaches on daily lives problems and global challenges.

But you really have to understand that you have to change your way of approaching things when it comes to FORMWELT. This is not a simple solution to make our lives easier. Look around you: that kind of thinking is part of the problem (just realize the waste polluting our oceans and seas). FORMWELT will challenge you in many, many ways and that will not stop. It is constructed for those of us interested in the evolution of the self and of communication. It is constructed to help with dealing with the complexity of life in reality-emulation.