Concerning the question of the social acceptance of FORMWELT kernel

by Ralf Peyn

  1. The intention of the reference-oriented exchange is not to switch off contingency, but to cope with/to process/include contingency. The communicators can gain, deepen, integrate and optimize (on) the perspectives of others.
    Creative conflict is useful.

  2. It does not make sense to not accept the kernel of one's computer operating system - especially if you cannot write your own (better) kernel. If one can write a kernel that works for itself, the question arises (also for this kernel) whether it is compatible to other computer systems. The same applies to FORMWELT.

  3. In FORMWELT online it will be possible for users to construct "their own kernels". However, in order to ensure that the system continues to function in any case, the FORMWELT kernel operates as a FallBackSolution.

Translation GP with DeepL

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